Donuts and Dogma

A Ministry of St. Michael's the Archangel Church

Gastonia, NC

Ongoing adult faith formation and catechesis of the parish community is a

key concern of any church pastor.  At St. Michael the Archangel parish, our

[then] pastor, Fr. Buettner, personally presents many/most of these Sunday

morning sessions offered throughout the academic year during the time our

children are in their own faith formation classes (0845-0945).  In 2016, Fr.

Buettner has formed a team of presenters to share a series of topics centered

on answering the question, “Building a Catholic Culture.”

In 2018, Fr. Rossi became our pastor and formed a team of outstanding

presenters to create a series focused on The Pursuit of Happiness From

Catholic Perspective.

Since 2013, many of these excellent teaching sessions have been recorded

and are now available for download in .mp3 format.


Click Here for:

· 2013—2014 Sessions  Understanding the Mystery of the Mass

· 2014—2015 Sessions  End of Life Issues From a Catholic Perspective

· 2015—2016 Sessions  Why Be Catholic? 

· 2016—2017 Sessions  Building a Catholic Culture

· 2017—2018 Sessions Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

· 2018—2019 Sessions The Pursuit of Happiness From a Catholic Perspective

                                                          (As They Become Available)



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Thank you and may your faith be strengthened by these sessions.